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FINAID Tech Solutions Ltd. is a company that is specialized in the development of computational finance AI-based solutions to solve investment and securities trading problems. More particularly, FINAID provides AI-based algorithmic trading solutions that can serve both individual investors as well as financial investment institutions. 
TRAIDY is FINAID’s fully automated AI-based trading solutions that is designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

FINAID Tech Solutions Ltd. is part of the DIFC Innovation Hub and brings together financial expertise and AI knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

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FINAID - our mission

“Applying AI to facilitate and secure the growth of our clients’ financial assets.” 
Our aim is to bring trading success to everybody whilst minimizing trading risks. All this is happening without a need for financial expertise from the user’s side, the AI-based trading solutions do the trades fully automatically.

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FINAID Tech Solutions Ltd.

DIFC Gate Avenue, DIFC Dubai UAE
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 525218026

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